Alice Driver travels into the heart of the caravan.

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A little about me, my story……

Learning a new language is pretty fascinating. English is my mother tongue. I always wanted to be able to speak both English and French, to be considered fluently bilingual. As I got older I see the importance of being able to speak three languages. Heck, why not speak them all? That would be quite a talent to be able to break into conversation and speak any language at any given time. As for me I speak one language fluently; English and I know some French and even less Spanish.

I am cough, cough, clear my throat years old and going back to school full time taking Francisation. I moved to Montreal, Quebec a French province in Canada from a bilingual city and province; Bathurst New Brunswick. In Northern New Brunswick a pure English speaking person can survive very easily in that very French part of the province. In Quebec it is not so easy for an English person to get around, ask for directions, or even order a coffee through a drive through window. My son and his family moved to Montreal, Quebec to be with me and in search of a better career. He found that brushing up on his second language (French) is a must.

It has been a language challenge for us all but practice makes perfect. Right? Right! My son; Danny and his girlfriend; Kelsie has a daughter named Danielle. I have been having a blast with Danielle, my granddaughter teaching her ABC’s, 123’s and basic articles in the house such as clock; horloge, glasses; lunette in French.

Danielle was very shy to try to say words in French but I found that using flash cards worked well. Not to mention that the excitement from her grandma helped a whole lot as well!